What is the Fiesta Player´s Club?

      Fiesta Hotel & Casino has combined the most advanced technology with the benefits of a select club, were we reward all of our clients by their points accumulation while playing at any of our slot machines at the casino.

The Rewards Program for the Fiesta Players Club (FPC) is as follows:

• DIAMOND FPC: The requirement for the category is to accumulate at least 20,000 points in a period of 6 months.

• RUBY FPC: The requirement for the category is to accumulate between 5,000 and 19,999 points in a period of 6 months.

• AMBAR FPC: This card pertains to all affiliates who accumulate less than 5,000 points in a period of 6 months.

How can I Get a Card?

It is easy and free! Visit one of the Fiesta Player´s Club stands located on the 1st and 2nd floor of the casino to fill out and turn in a request form, in order to receive your card immediately, so you can begin to accumulate points!

How can I benefit from the Card?

If you are not using the card, you are not winning!

You accumulate points while playing on the machines and these points are credited to your card. These points can be used in exchange for money or for articles at the Fiesta Shop. Also the card allows you to participate in all the free giveaways, special raffles, and enter into our promotions. Also, receive discounts in our restaurants; spa, gym and soon all FPC cardholders will receive invitations to our live shows and events that only Fiesta Casino has to offer.


Does it cost any money?

The FPC rewards card is absolutely free. Just fill out a request form and start receiving points instantly on all your slot games!

What if I loose my card?

In case of a lost or stolen card, each member maintains all accumulated points. In order to replace the lost card, solicit a new one and show your ID at the FPC counter.

How do I use the card?

Simply insert the card in the card slot located in the machine you are playing and keep it in while playing. When you finish playing, remember to take it out and that’s it! Each time you play on a new machine, just repeat the easy process and watch your points accumulate! Remember, if you don’t insert the card, you will not accumulate any points.

For more information, visit one of the FPC stands located on the 1st and 2nd floor of the casino, call 610-4150 ext. 4026 or send us an email at

It would be our pleasure to be of service to you.

Contact Information

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Phone Number: (511) 610-4150 ext. 4026
Fax: (511) 243-4916

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